What is iFit?

iFit is a revolutionary fitness brand that integrates with NordicTrack machines to provide personalized, "smart fitness" to your home training routine. With an iFit membership you gain access to an expansive library of training resources, including custom workouts, Google Maps™ training routes, an exclusive social media network, competitions, automatic stats tracking, and much more.


    Track Stats

    iFit automatically keeps a log of all the workouts you complete.


    Create Workouts

    iFit allows you to create your own workouts based on your goals.


    Monitor Progress

    Sign into iFit to check the training stats from all your workouts.



    Connect with friends to share workouts and stay motivated.


    Fit Score

    Quantify your active lifestyle on a scale from 0 - 100.



    Create workout challenges for others to complete, or join a challenge.



    Plan and manage your workout schedule.


    Wireless Updates

    Receive automatic software updates to your equipment.

Train Anywhere in the World

Work out anywhere in the world with workouts powered by Google Maps™. Run the streets of Paris, hike the trails of the Grand Canyon, or even ride stages of Le Tour de France. Wherever it is, iFit will take you there.

With iFit, you can use Google Maps™ to plan training routes anywhere in the world. Run through Paris. Take a hike in the Grand Canyon. Or even cycle Le Tour de France!

  • Programs

    Street View

    When you chart a Google Maps route, iFit will display the Street View™ image on your screen, so you can feel like you're really there.

  • Programs

    Terrain Simulator

    iFit uses incline-matching technology to simulate the natural terrain of your Google Maps route. Wherever you go, iFit will automatically adjust your incline and decline to make your experience even more realistic.

Stay Connected

iFit uses advanced technology to keep your training connected across multiple platforms, like the Internet, your NordicTrack machine, and iFit wearables, so that all your stats are properly recorded. It then uses these stats to craft custom workouts just for you. Simply select a workout, and iFit will automatically adjust your incline, decline, speed, or resistance to meet your specific goals.

Daily Workouts

Every day, iFit provides new workouts to keep your training fresh and exciting. You can use these workouts to challenge your friends and compete with other iFit members.

The Future of Fitness

The future of fitness is right here. iFit provides virtually limitless personal training options to help you get much more out of every workout. Sign up for an iFit membership to revolutionize your fitness experience.

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